Refund & Cancellation Policy

Visitor membership plans available on this website/application are not cancellable. However, the refund and cancellation procedure is different for each company. While some companies allow you to cancel the policy before its start date, others allow you to cancel the policy and get the refund on a prorated basis only, provided no claim is submitted. Please read the respective policy document for complete and accurate details and terms on cancellation.

Cancellation Policy

Membership is not on usage basis. It is a fee, permitting access to the iVisitor for a certain prefixed period. The unused number of days cannot be extended nor will the amount be refunded or cancel membership plan, if not used by the member for any reason

Refund Policy

iVisitor One has the right to cancel your membership in case of any suspicious order transactions. Auto cancellation may also be triggered by iVisitor in case of any improper order placement like incomplete address and/or due to any technical difficulties. Processing fee will not be refunded during cancellation.

Once membership plan will be started at the Application or started working out, no membership fee is refundable or transferable.