Add visitor

Add visitor option to allow entry of visitor which is the coming in the company visit from external sources.

Out visitor

Out visitor option to allow exit of visitor which are the outgoing in the company.


Department where user can add as per your company or organisation requirements.

Add Sub User

Add sub user field option allow to entry of sub user and allow to access rights.

Visit Reason

Visit reason field option used to allow why visitor visit this company or organization.


iVisitor application takes care of User management with you can easily set your profile and you can edit and update your profile easily.


Report option displays full record of the all visitors which come into the company visit.

Emergency contact

Emergency contact which help you and your organization if any critical condition.


User can make some own settings in this screen. User can set sms facility on/off for their visitors.

Comprehensive Features

  • Incoming visitor management
  • Outgoing visitor management
  • Daily report management
  • Create Sub Admin
  • Auto email report System
  • Notifications
  • Auto SMS to visitors


iVisitor is the best inward and outward visitor application. That will help to check-in and checkout visitors. iVisitor provides emergency contact list it will helpful to your organization. We are providing best visitor management application.You can easily manage visitor history and maintain a record of all visitor data, who visited your company or organization. iVisitor provides best data gethering application like upload visitor photograph and its vehicle number, it is the best visitor management application.

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What our Clients are Saying

This application particularly changed the way of daily routines and remove paper work. Excellent easy way of managing inward and outward visitor entry and daily report on your email...thanks this is batter application for me.

I gave review for the application was absolutely user friendly .I’m 90 % satisfied with this application because no time consuming to manage visitor history and I like one thing automatic SMS generation to greetings of my client and this is better application for me .
I like this application because it is a very reliable application. Every wants to save time due to busy and fast life. Nowadays most of the visitor record generation manual. I mostly like to work with iVisitor application because daily report on your mail and easily manage visitor data and is on daily basis I track how many visitor visit our flat visit.

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